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Welcome to Doctor Manan Anand Heart Care Angiography section. We’ll explain what Angiography means, when and how it is done.

Angiography is a type of X-ray scan for the heart. Just like an X-ray is used to find out fractures in bones, Angiography is used to find faults in the veins and arteries. Sometimes the arteries and veins become narrow, or too big, or even blocked due to certain factors. Using the technique of Angiography, we find out the shape of the arteries and veins, so that they can be treated accordingly.

In essence, Angiography is a Medical Test for heart patients. It’s an important part of the diagnosis and helps the doctor to find out the exact issue with the patient’s heart.

Once the results of Angiography are obtained, the doctor consults the patient if they need Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery or Medication.

How long will the test take?

Angiography usually takes 30 mins to 1 hour of time for obtaining the X-ray images of your arteries and veins. During the test, a coloured dye is poured into the blood vessels which helps the X-ray to capture the size of arteries and veins.

This way the doctor can check if they are all right.

Why is Angiography needed?

Angiography is needed in cases where patients have heart-related illnesses. This could be as minor as chest pain to as serious as a heart attack.

When the flow of blood to the heart is hindered, the heart muscle can’t function properly, causing symptoms like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, etc. The root cause of which is blockage of veins and arteries which carry blood.

What is the procedure after Angiography?

Once the Angiography is performed, Doctor Manan Anand diagnose the results of the test. Depending upon the results, proper treatment is advised to the patient.

At our Heart Care centre, we carry out Angiography immaculately and help the patient go through the tests comfortably. People of all ages and conditions undergo Angioplasty to isolate heart issues well before they become serious illnesses.

Some patients require surgery while others only need medicine. Doctor Manan personally consults the best treatment to the patient, owing to his years of expertise and experience.