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International Patient Service

International Patient Service

Manan Heart Care provides special Heart Care Services for International Patients, Expats and NRIs in Amritsar who have come to visit India. Our Nayyar Hospital Center is fully equipped with Global Medical Standards in order to treat all kinds of patients.


Heart Care for International Patients

If you’re in Amritsar, our heart specialists can visit your Hotel for administering the treatment procedure or checkup. Our Roaming Team is trained to overlook patients that may need extra attention and may have difficulty travelling due to heart conditions.

Patients can subscribe to medication or full medical procedures at Manan Heart Care Centre. In Amritsar alone, each year hundreds of cases of heart-related illnesses come to Nayyar Hospital. Dr. Manan specialised services enable these patients to get timely care and treatment, which often proves life-saving.

If you’re boarding an Amritsar to International flight or International to Amritsar flight, you can easily get treatment with a quick appointment.

NRI Amritsar

If you’re an NRI in Amritsar seeking expert guidance for heart care issues or need treatment from a reputed doctor in Amritsar, you can contact Manan Heart Care Center for the same.

Amritsar attracts a number NRIs each year who suffer from heart ailments and sometimes get terminally sick due to it. Manan Heart Care is situated in the heart of Amritsar, catering to the special needs of NRI patients with heart health issues in Amritsar. Nayyar Hospital continues to be a reputed health centre for NRIs visiting Amritsar from Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand.

Dedicated Team That Helps NRI

Since the NRI cases that came to Nayyar Hospital were rapidly increasing, Doctor Manan Anand set up a Dedicated Team to help NRIs get treatment.

The team operates under the supervision of Dr. Anand and is a part of the Heart Care Centre. This was deemed necessary because most NRIs usually have treatment going on from other countries and their medical and surgical needs can be different.

Our team, therefore, accommodates NRIs as per their medical history and treatment requirements. This enables them to get fit in no time and avoid any kind of problems during their journey back abroad.