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Device Implantation

Device Implantation

Welcome to Doctor Manan Anand Heart Care Device Implantation Section!

We offer expert Pacemaker services for our patients who have implants.

A Pacemaker is a tiny electronic device which is implanted under the skin in your chest appropriate your heartbeat fluctuations. Its primary purpose is to make your heart beat without hiccups if you have a condition that causes irregular heartbeats such as Arrhythmia.

Types of Pacemakers

Pacemakers are of three types.

  • Single chamber pacemaker: This type of Pacemaker usually tends to the right ventricle of your heart with electrical pulses.
  • Dual-Chamber pacemaker: This type works with electrical impulses at the right ventricle as well as the right atrium. It’s instrumental in controlling the timing of contractions between the two chambers.
  • Biventricular Pacemaker: This type employs a technique called cardiac resynchronization therapy. It is meant for people with heart failure with abnormal electrical systems.

How is Pacemaker Implanted?

In a typical Pacemaker Implant surgery, a working device will be surgically fitted in your chest.

In this procedure, an insulated wire is implanted into one of your major veins under or near your collarbone. This wire is guided to your heart using X-ray imaging.

One end of the wire is attached to the correct placement in your heart, while the other end is secured to the pulse generator. The second end is usually implanted beneath your skin under the collarbone.

What to expect when getting an implant?

Patients are mostly kept awake during the surgery to implant the pacemaker. The process can typically take several hours. There will be a line placed, to help you relax.

Most pacemaker implantations are done by administering local Anesthesia in order to numb the area of surgery. The chest is also cleaned with a special kind of cleaner chemical.

Get Treated with doctor Manan Anand

At our heartcare facility, we have all the equipment and necessary resources to help patients get their pacemakers corrected.

With doctor Manan’s expertise as a Heart Specialist, he has offered successful treatment to a large number of patients.

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