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Welcome to Doctor Manan Anand Heart Care Stenting Section!

In this section, we’ll explain why you need to get a stenting treatment and how Doctor Manan can help in the same.

What is Stenting?

Stenting is a medical treatment procedure where the doctor inserts a small balloon-like device called a stent into the blood vessel to open its blockage.

If you have a heart-related problem and it’s being caused by blocked blood vessels, stenting is a common solution for this problem.

How is Stenting done?

In a typical stenting procedure, the doctor inserts a very small stent into the body. This is done via a minimally invasive incision made in the body. It’s unlike a full surgical procedure where organs are cut open. Stenting has mainly to do with a small piercing.

The doctor moves the stent to the blocked artery or vein which is causing the problem. Using special instruments, the doctor slowly inflates the balloon due to which the blockage is cleared out.

How to Prepare for the Surgery?

At Doctor Manan Anand Heart Care Facility, the patients are given adequate care and attention to help them comfortably go through the surgery.

Here are some pre-requisites for patients coming for Stenting treatment

  • Avoid any drugs that may prevent the blood from clotting.
  • Inform the staff about any other illness that you may have on the day of surgery.
  • Take lesser fluids and water before the surgery.
  • Reach the facility well before time and take as much time needed to be ready for the procedure.
  • Avoid smoking for a few days before the surgery.

Get Treated with doctor Manan Anand

At our heartcare facility, we have all the equipment and necessary resources to help patients before and after the surgery.

With doctor Manan’s expertise as a Heart Specialist, he has offered successful treatment to a large number of patients.